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      21-Jun-2019 SafeAI Tucks In Hefty Funds to Propel AI Efficiency in Mining and Construction

    qq红包扫雷群埋雷挂with ai becoming synonymous with most industrial applications, promising startup, safeai is all set to explore new opportunities in ai development dedicated to building and construction. the novice has announced a total of $5 million funding aid from undisclosed sources to develop efficient heavy equipment specifically for mining and construction sectors. talking in terms of its latest venture, safeai is closely working with south korea based heavy equipment company, doosan bobcat. the duo is apparently working on a testing software dedicated to ai based bobcat skid loaders that are likely to fuel ai and autonomy in mining and construction for superlative efficiency as well as workforce safety.

    qq红包扫雷群埋雷挂with frequent instances of workplace mishaps and fatalities on the rise, inclination towards sophisticated technologies such as autonomy has grabbed reasonable traction in recent years. on similar lines, the startup, safeai is hopeful of scaling new heights in autonomous construction aids to fulfill which the company is developing an architecture that functions fully on autonomous platform of level 4 sae standards with no human assistance targeting a range of heavy duty field equipment. although safeai is yet to unfurl its latest wonder in ai realm, the company is likely to register as the next in line of autonomous mine vehicles realm with numerous software testing on-site across various construction areas and mines.

    qq红包扫雷群埋雷挂to fully commercialize its ambitious level 4 autonomy mining vehicles catering to diverse end-use applications, safeai is likely to rope in substantial investments from renowned market players such as brick & mortar ventures, autotech ventures, monta vista capital, and embark ventures. to limit workflow hiccups, safeai is committed to develop highly sophisticated architecture and deployment protocol that is modular and upgradable with multi-machine compatibility for reduced downtime, expenses, and increased efficiency.

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