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      04-Jul-2019 Semiconductor Veteran Broadcom Forays into Cybersecurity Realm with Symantec Acquisition

    qq红包扫雷群埋雷挂noted for its spectacular range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, broadcom inc. is contemplating acquisition of software company symantec corporation. based in america, the company has been a key participant in offering cybersecurity software and services. in its bid to further expedite its dominance across diversified fields besides semiconductors, broadcom considers symantec acquisition deal to remain a potential ticket. this deal is certainly going to be a much anticipated event where a semiconductor and chip manufacturer is poised to take control over a cybersecurity specialist company. the deal is being likened to a previous similar acquisition of mcafee by intel. symantec after enjoying hay day success for a considerable long spell has become an easy prey to burgeoning competition. hence this desperate attempt towards sustenance.

    the company is currently undergoing an investigation pertaining to account discrepancies. additionally, several top notch executives of the company have also chosen early exit with no concrete reasons. to add to the woes, the company's decision of lay-offs of over 8% of its global workforce on account of deficient revenues did not go too well. under such inevitable circumstances, an alternative survival strategy has become crucially vital for symantec. this anticipated deal between broadcom and symantec is also expected to suffice the latter's failed acquisition attempt to take over rival, qualcomm. prior to this imminent deal, broadcom has also successfully acquired yet another it software company, ca just about a year ago. the much anticipated deal between symantec and broadcom is likely to clock approximate $13 billion, state reliable resources.

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